I am Miles

I have been known by many names.

I now call myself Miles. It stems from your Latin word for soldier. I chose it because a soldier is someone who endures whatever he encounters and continues to pursue his mission. That is what I have done for a span of time that would strain your credulity.

I have lost all that I held dear, including my own humanity. I reached out to accomplish a great, majestic dream, saw it crumple to dust in my hands and then sweep my civilization away as though it had never existed. I and my people sought to create the ultimate human accomplishment and instead were taught a terrible lesson, one that carried an unimaginable price.

One of you has offered me access to the pages of this blog as you call it. He has asked me to chronicle my thoughts and observations from my ages-long pursuit of my final goal. I record my experiences here in the hope that you will read my words, then think long and hard about the path you are taking and where it will lead you.

I watch you and your fellows live for a dream that is an ever upward spiral of accomplishment and improving conditions. You remind me of myself and my own culture. Take care that you do not turn your dream into a nightmare.

I will make further entries to this record as time permits. Think on what you read here and, if it pleases you, engage me in a conversation about the past, the present and the possible.